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  • The Marketing Minds
  • Drive Human Capital
  • Scott Navarro (Senior Acct. Exec @ CBS Radio) (916) 923-6864 office / (916) 992-4741 cell
  • playboy marketing ... lori kessler
  • marketing and editor with Electro Scan
  • Oracle in Rocklin CA (marketing)
  • Elantemedia & Marketing
  • 98 Rock is hiring for marketing positions, so is Intercom.
  • Moises works for Fidelis
  • C.Blackburn@sta.samsung.com / m.blore@californiasun.com
  • ceast and desist advisor position


  • Mens fitness
  • Mens journal
  • Esquire


  • 32 short double breated jacket
  • drivers cap
  • peacoat
  • steve madden and true religion dress shoes
  • Urban Outfitters for the cat/Jaws Tshirt
  • Beatlemania t-shirt
  • Believe in Heroes tshirt


  • http://goqr.me
  • Tiecon
  • Prezi (awesome presentational aide)
  • Tunein radio (KSSU Wed @ 12p for Matt Z) / Hot97 station
  • Edwin Digital Assistant
  • BT FON
  • ES File Explorer


  • thingsyoushoulddo.com
  • http://www.capitalswingdancers.org
  • Trivago.com
  • Grand Canyon
  • Wully Mammoth Graveyard
  • Opal Creek, Oregon
  • Flathead Lake & Lake McDonald in Montanta
  • Laundry Mat on Sunrise has $15 tickets to Reno, refund your money while there & give you a free ride back
  • Waterfall Walkway, ST.
  • Beatus Caves in Switzerland
  • White Water Rafting (dreamflows.com)
  • Lake Louise
  • Bay To Breakers (San Fran annual event every 3rd Sunday in May)
  • South Dakota's Darklands
  • Hiking spots: Rattlesnake Bar, Rainbow Bridge
  • The Chism House: 1401 West 2nd St. Reno NV
  • Mountain Air California
  • Mt. Rotui on Moorea
  • camping at Immigrant gap


  • nomorerack.com
  • www.lightsofthevalley.com
  • http://www.propertyroom.com
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/27/magazine/27FOB-Ethicist-t.html?ref=magazine
  • http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/12/12/magazine/14actors.html
  • http://www.blastam.com/contact.aspx
  • (FUN.) http://www.npr.org/2012/03/18/148754959/how-a-band-called-fun-found-its-way-to-no-1
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/10/arts/music/a-band-called-fun-with-a-period.html?pagewanted=all
  • http://howsecureismypassword.net
  • omgspace.net
  • smartbomb.net
  • http://sgetliffe.co.uk
  • Pintrest.com/suitsusa
  • talentconnect.com
  • liquipel.com
  • Annualcreditreport.com
  • prurgent.com
  • roytanck.com
  • thedailymuse.com


  • Pear Cider
  • Amsterdam gin
  • Irish Car bombs
  • Dry ice bombs
  • Leinenkugel beer
  • Toasted Head Chardonnay


  • Prime Wok eatery
  • Sovereign Silver
  • Lopez Mexican Food on Melody Lane in RSVL
  • Ike's Place in Santa Rosa
  • Nabisco Nutter Butter Dipped Delight 100 calorie bars
  • Nutra Shop Karbolyn protein supplement
  • Triple layer Italian creme cake
  • Akedas & Machados in Auburn 4 apple juice
  • *** Avoid food products containing ingredients that are; unfamiliar, unpronounceable, more than 5 in number, and contain high fructose corn syrup. Ignore; nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics, and hormones. Shop @ farmers markets
  • CSA box: Community Supported Agriculture, increasingly popular scheme in which you subscribe to a local farm and receive a weekly box of produce
  • Odwalla juice
  • uber by larabar granola
  • Scoop the inside of bread for calorie reduction


  • Alaway by Bausch + Lomb eyedrops
  • Shoie & JHC 4 motorcycle helmets
  • Banfield Cat Insurance (PetsMart)
  • Bullfrog suntan lotion

Educate yourself on

  • Professor Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist)
  • planets
  • list of Presidents
  • learner.org/biographyofamerica/prog12/key_events/index.html
  • Can you have too much melatonin (sleepysubstance in brain)?
  • Well Tabs
  • http://search.ebscohost.com OR http://heald.campusguides.com/HealdCollegeLibrary (login: heald_college and password: student)
  • Second property of sound is dynamics - degrees of loudness or softness in music
  • Read up on the Salem Witchcraft Trials
  • Babinski reflex


  • Partzilla.com
  • Cycle Gear T-socket
  • Simple Green Moto Gunk
  • yellow tint brings light to the night
  • Moto repair: Eric Pulliam owns AE Moto Repair, West Coast Motorsports on Riverside- $50/hr labor
  • Moto to Tahoe: 80 to 89 pretty much straight, 1.5hrs twists & turns / 50 route: Eureka to Auburn Folsom down to 50, 50 ends in Tahoe. Highway 49 from Auburn through Cool to Salmon Falls Road to Green Valley Highway. R on that to Folsom ... coloma also

Ad ideas

  • SyFy Ad: (heartbeat of images rotation of characters from SyFy characters) ... "Through a galaxy of characters, it means the same..." (heartbeat showing BRANDED (set) VIEW OF CAMERA ________________________ #faceoff Tuesdays on SyFy
  • Yahoo! unveils old logo/slogan- aimed @ country industry. Websites, advertising, print etc.
  • 2 different people walking in opposite directions, 1 walking out the other walking into store, run into each other & nod. It's all they need, they're fans of the same team
  • Clean white room. Flashes of misc players raising one arm, last being the defending Super Bowl Champion holding Lombardi Trophy... To text stating the return of the season
  • "We here in the tobacco industry believe in green technologies (pan to factory churning out smoke) ... that our employees can enjoy with their families through a delightful work experience (pan to rapid fire shots of a common cig factory, expecially the dull faces and machines) for the improvement of the future... fill gaps here and pan back to employee on obvious promo shoot laughing vaguely at the end."
  • "When You're Strange" by The Doors for AMC Halloween Horror movie month
  • RJNevarez.com is getting a fresh coat of digital paint
  • A granny or grandpa (senior citizen) established website or program explaining the internet and its many uses in a friendly interactive and caring way. Can be packages exclusively with a brand of computer, hopefully making that brand of computer the #1 seller amongst 40+ demographic, many that feel it's too late or see no point in getting into it now.
  • Veterans... Email/text us your name & have it streamed on the broadcast during Veteran's Day!
  • Video of you skydiving in a suit, use as promo for the brand. .. "Unleash yourself, unleash your brand."

Miscellaneous information

  • pro photographer melaniemages.com
  • Warm transfer: where employee tells next employee the situation
  • An intelligent person is someone who is able to solve an array of problems in an efficient manner
  • Ohm's Law: Voltage (E) = Current (I) x Resistance (R)
  • Buddism formed from Hinduism
  • Michael Jackson got the moonwalk from Cab Calloway
  • 'Git' means idiot, dumbass to Brits
  • DTA= Dont trust anybody, CYA= Cover your ass, Uce is brother/bro/friend in Samoan
  • "Gesundheit"
  • Get dates and info on holidays & why they started
  • WIN: What's Important Now
  • Persevere, Perspective, Purpose
  • Doing little things well is a step towards doing big things better
  • "Bad guys do what good guys dream." - Vincent Denofrio
  • 2 glasses of water & Ibuprofen before / Alkaseltzer after
  • Tip= to insure promptness
  • Photoshop, vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Story, Crew, Editing, Marketing
  • Misha: Justfab.com / All inclusive boat trip for Christmas?
  • Light. Love. Power. Prescence.
  • Checkout Piner High School in Santa Rosa, CA... checkout the 1989 statuette (girl from public speaking class)
  • Joyce Meyer
  • READ The Art of War
  • Owen, Alten, Victor, Kendrick, Porter
  • Dante (poet) has great love poems
  • *phone ringing* Ima Robot: Hello USA: Your Welcome *phone disconnected* yayaya999
  • Mike Modano, American w/ most hockey goals at 561, retires on September 21, 2011
  • "Life has no remote- get up and do it yourself!"
  • "I'm gobsmacked right now!"

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