JLC General Construction

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Owner John Currier

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In the early 2000s, Mr. John Currier was at a crossroads with his career. In the construction business for over 15 years at that point, he gave himself two options: go work under somebody for a construction business, or start his own.

This led to the creation of one of our nation's hottest commodities, JLC General Construction.

JLC prides themselves on providing the highest quality construction services to all of their clients no matter how big or how small. Give them call at +1 (916) 412-1230 and experience the JLC Difference
  • Custom home building
  • Home additions
  • Home remodels
  • Outdoor living
  • Maintenance and Repairs

Services Applied

Personally knowing John Currier and his ambition, I knew that JLC was going to be something special. The finished product was a website that was new-age, innovative, unique and would have people talking- just like JLC.

JLC is all over the internet: Original website | Revamped site | +1 (916) 412-1230 | Facebook | Angie's List | Better Business Bureau | Snagajob | Indeed

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