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Owner Lisa Currier

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This website has a special place in my heart. Inspirations by Lisa Currier is the VERY FIRST website built by RJ Nevarez. Let me hand off the floor to the Owner:

I would like you to visit Inspirations by Lisa Currier Nail Spa, Esthetics and Massage nestled in the beautiful Roseville area.

It was a goal to make Inspirations a cozy, personal salon with individual attention paid to each client. We are able to communicate with you about your needs, concerns, and suggestions. Our commitment to you is to provide the cleanest and safest salon experience.

We are here to make sure you leave relaxed and satisfied. We know you will find something to treat yourself. We look forward to serving you at Inspirations, where behind our doors is comfort, peace, and a place to unwind.

- Lisa Currier

Services Applied

Mrs. Currier and I agreed to make the website small and personable. Lisa wanted to make sure that the website had her favorite color combo: pink, black, and white. We feel the finished product epitomized the culture and ambience that Inspirations was built on.

You can visit the Inspirations Salon @ their official website here.

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