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Owner Hunter Heryford

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I have always been a fan of getting new haircuts- a new 'do will boost your confidence and make you look good! However back in 2009 I didn't put much stock in where I got a haircut. I was a regular at your run of the mill hair cutting conglomerate and forked out $10 or so per haircut. That was, until John Currier at JLC General Construction pointed me in the direction of his Barber.

That Barber is named Hunter Heryford and he runs a wildly successful barbershop named Hunter's Barber Shop. The first time I went in there I felt nostalgic. The Barber Shop blends the past and present perfectly into a product that is top notch! You walk in to Hunter's at 421 Riverside Ave, Roseville, CA 95678 and you will find camaraderie and haircuts that put this Barber Shop above the rest. You can't help but feel welcome in the environment! As far as the haircuts are concerned- no matter if your hairstyle is from the mid-1900s or was introduced on - Hunter's will NAIL the look.

Services Applied

With a great business model such as this, I offered Hunter my services and created a website + social presence previously unseen in the industry.

Go ahead. Try 'em. Tell them Rob sent you!

Call Hunter's @ (916) 773-6440, visit them on Facebook, check them out on KCRA 3's A-List, and read/post on their Yelp page

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