Funny Bones 4 Kids

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Owner Christian Redd

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Christian was raised in a group home environment and stared down the path of violence until he realized his life was going nowhere. As a reformed gang member, Christian started working in group homes and witnessed the continuing need for positive role models and safe entertainment for childen in the group home setting. He founded Funny Bones Entertainment in 2003 to serve that purpose and has since expanded to reach children in foster care, juvenile detention centers and public schools.

Services Applied

Realizing that the original Funny Bones 4 Kids website was cluttered and unorganized, he instructed Communications Director Liz Hubbs to reach out for RJ Nevarez and request a complete website design and overhaul. After phone conferences with Miss Hubbs and Mr. Redd, we were able to collaborate and create a slick, polished web presence that a fantastic community-based company such as Funny Bones Entertainment deserves.

You can visit Los Angeles-based Funny Bones 4 Kids @ their official website here.

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