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General Manager Adam Coster

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I was hired on at Best Buy in Roseville, CA in late 2008. Over the course of the next few years I bounced around numerous departments while I was enrolled full time in College. Near the end of my degree, an externship had to be completed to graduate.

Our presence was lacking on social media and I saw a golden opportunity to help both myself and the brand.

I was always impressed with our General Manager Adam Coster due to his professionalism and managing chops- I offered to create and maintain a social media presence for our location. He was very receptive to the idea and that was the start of @BestBuyGalleria. We focused on three key concepts:

  • Market and entice our client base with in-store promotions/deals. Once we start discussing the item with the customer, get to know them on a personal level and recommend additional products/services that would enhance their base item (i.e. Geek Squad Protection, accessories, etc.)
  • Promote and advertise our community involvement
  • Build brand loyalty with our customer base, turning them from a one-time customer to a customer for life

Services Applied

Once we were able to establish an online presence, we grew our in-store marketing awareness across all platforms to approximately a thousand followers! We were even fortunate to knock it out of the park when it came time to create a one-page insert for a magazine. We were able to provide our client base with a unique, one of a kind experience through our social media interactions. Through live question and answer sessions, live video feed of our Microsoft training classes and more made our client's experience at Best Buy truly one of a kind and unmatched in the industry.

Throughout our business relationship, we increased our week-over-week marketing reach. At our peak, we attained a:
  • +221.7% increase in engaging our guests online
  • +120.1% increase in our weekly total reach

Call Best Buy #129 @ (916) 780-5969, visit them at 1236 Galleria Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95678, or visit their page on Relive some of our social media marketing campaigns here and view the magazine insert we created here. Also, Google Finance is the destination for NYSE: BBY news, financials, and current trading price.

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