APEX Concrete Designs, Inc.

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Owner Nick Johnson

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Beginning in 1996, Nick Johnson co-founded Bomanite of Northern California, a franchise of The Bomanite Corporation.

After growing and gaining a quality reputation, Bomanite became Apex Concrete Designs, Inc. and in July of 2005 Johnson solely bought Apex Concrete Designs, Inc.

With over 35 years experience in trade and 15 years in business, Apex Concrete Designs, Inc. has been leading the way in architectural concrete, becoming the leading specialty concrete contractor in Sacramento, California and surrounding areas. Concrete is their passion. Apex Concrete Designs, Inc. will help bring your ideas to life. "We can work directly with you as a homeowner or with your architect, landscape or pool contractor or interior designer. They will consult and work with you closely whether you are building a new construction project or restoring a worn surface" Johnson states.

They treat each individual concrete project with quality workmanship and with the utmost precise details. Each project is unique and requires skilled professionals. Apex Concrete Designs, Inc. has the training and passion to provide you with the unsurpassed level of service from the start of your concrete project through the completion of your installation.

When only the highest level of customer service and the very best workmanship will do, Apex Concrete Designs, Inc. is the choice for you.

Visit the official website of APEX Concrete Designs, Inc. and visit their Yelp page. You can call the office at (916) 722-6687 or call Nick directly at (916) 826-6781.

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