Remembering Destiny Pearl Squires

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Friday October 29, 2004

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May 21, 1986 - October 24, 2004

Today is Friday, October 29, 2004 and I just got back from the funeral of a good friend. Destiny Pearl Squires passed away on Monday, October 24, 2004 in the early morning. I was spending the night at my girlfriend's house, who just happened to be Destiny's best friend. We woke up to Rachel's Mom & Brother informing her of Destiny passing away. Rachel has taken it pretty hard. So have I, I just don't show it.

Destiny was one of those friends who you couldn't stay mad at for long. She just had something special about her. She was one of the funniest friends I ever had. She had nicknames for all of us, with Rachel it was Velmster and for me it was Robbie-poo. She knows I don't like the name Robbie.

The one thing I will remember most about Destiny is her beautiful smile. It was so refreshing to see. When her and Rachel went on one of their spats about something, it was classic. Those two were so funny together. Rachel hasn't been the same since Destiny's passing. Understandable, obviously. I just hope she can replace this time in her mind with good memories of Destiny. Because that's all we have left of her.

D, as Rachel called her, left this place way too early. It is truly sad that Rachel & I won't be able to share all the things in the future with her. Like a house, kids, cars, this, that, etc. She was a really good friend of Rachel's. Those two chicks are one of a kind. The one thing I regret is that there will be no more hanging out with Destiny. No more chillin' with her. No more 'hey, let's go to the movies.' That sucks.

At her services this morning, her Uncle Pat gave an awesome speech that started with "Hey, I see a lot of tears, can I see some smiles?" That lightened the mood greatly and smiles appeared on some people's faces. "That's how Destiny would want it to be." He went on to say that as him & his wife were taking down Destiny's stuff, there were photos of their two kids, who Destiny referred to them as 'her kids.' At that point, he started tearing up and just excused it as allergies. Funny stuff. He said that she was special, and how she couldn't get enough of herself. He said that Destiny was beautiful, and if you didn't believe it, just ask D. His speech was the absolute best I have ever heard in my life. He honored her in a way she deserved to be honored.

UPDATE On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 while working with JLC General Construction, I decide to Google "Destiny Pearl Squires" and I came across a microsite. It is permanently hosted by her Family. Well done Family, well done ;-)

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