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Owner RJ Nevarez

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After high school and a website I decided to make this website into a business. At the time, I was soley offering website development and wanted to have a brand name that was hip and unique. Concurrently, I was a big fan of the movie Lucky Number Slevin and decided to pay homage to the movie.

With the name in place, I continued building websites for businesses in all industries all while improving my networking skills. Once job led to another, led to two more and then opportunity came knocking.

I was nearing the end of my college tenure and was one internship away from attaining my AA in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing. Wordy, I know. I approached Mr. Adam Coster, General Manager within The Best Buy Corporation and pitched him an idea: allow me to establish a social media presence for your brand.

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After attaining my degree I continued marketing for Best Buy for a few more months. I was able to expand my skill set far beyond just website building. I was able to develop, run and market the local brand to previously unforeseen heights. A while later, I made the decision to merge both my personal and business websites; taking the best, most marketable content of both sites and rebranding to RJ Nevarez. Give me a call at +1 (916) 532-6694 today and let's discuss what I can do for your brand.

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