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This all started back in 2002 when I was a sophmore in high school. I was short one elective class and needed to sign up for a class. While in the office looking at available classes, I came across 'website design.' Thinking "Meh, okay let's do this."

The final in the class consisted of us building one webpage. Just one, which is amusing to type right now because we are currently on a website that is around one thousand individual pages. Anyways, after I completed the class the webpage intruiged me. I was able to produce original content for the people that I wanted to reach. Hmmm...

Whenever I had free time at school or at home I would start up Notepad- a program that I spent countless hours on. I used Notepad to create HTML-based webpages. What started out as one page became 2, 10, 20, 50 and on. After High School ended, I was contacted by Lisa Currier from Inspirations by Lisa Currier to build a website for her emerging nail spa business. I felt a good amount of pressure to deliver on my first contract. I was going for a small, personalized feeling with the website.

Once the first website was under my belt, I felt that I could go somewhere with this. So, I went to my local city council and purchased a business license. In 2006, Sleven Kelevra | Brand Development came to fruition.

What followed was a barrage of various websites across numerous industries, effectively burning me out. The Company lay dormant for a few years while life happened, including going to college in 2011 and there I attained a renewed sense and direction. For years prior, I ran (my personal) and (my business) concurrently. In 2015, I made the decision to merge both sites: taking the best, most marketable content of both sites and rebranding to RJ Nevarez.

I produced original online content for Los Angeles-based non-profit Funny Bones 4 Kids, Sacramento-based barber Hunter's Barber Shop, among others. Around this time, I landed my biggest catch: big-box retailer Best Buy.

I was able to market the Roseville, California-based store and during that time I promoted; community involvement, in-store promotions, shared employee interactions while they were happening and connected with our customers in Q&A sessions. Eventually I shifted gears from producing web-based content only to gaining knowledge on the overall-marketing campaign. I attained jobs that allowed me to analyze, deconstruct and rebuild marketing campaigns from concept to launch.

That is the stance I took when approaching this website's complete redesign both visually and conceptually. After three years of planning and construction, you are currently experiencing the finished product. officially relaunched in summer 2016 and is here to help build your brand + future. So I leave you with this: what do you want to accomplish today?

Let's talk: +1 (916) 532-6694 or contact me online

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