Found! Night of the Creeps

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August 29, 2008

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It took me sixteen extremely long years to find this film, but I have finally found it.

I was looking up information on the new Friday the 13th film coming out in February of 2009 on the website, and I scrolled past the photos section and a photo caught my attention. It was the one you see up top. Once I saw it, I knew my searching was over.

The Backstory

When I was eight, I was at my sister Danette's house watching scary movies like I usually did and decided to take a break from films such as Halloween (1978) and A Nightmare on Elm Street and selected a film called "Night of the Creeps." Not knowing what it was, I figured it couldn't hurt to watch it.

Now this was sixteen years ago, but all I remembered from it was slug-like insects got into people's mouths and they became zombie like. One of the zombies still went to pick up his date to the prom. She opens the door and he's obviously dead- but still goes to his car. I also remember something about a cryo chamber, and a guy I thought was on a Gremlins film frying a zombie with a flame thrower, only to have all these slugs come out of the fried body, so he blows up the place with himself in it.

I used that very description when asking numerous family members and friends, only to come up with nothing. Interesting how I found out when I almost forgot all about it.

Now comes the hard part, actually locating it online. I know for a fact it came out on VHS, and I'm pretty sure it came out on DVD, but since I gave a friend my DVD/VHS combo when I got a Blu-ray player- online is my only option. But it'll be easier to find the film than it was to find the title.

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